Immigration Office in Koh Samui


Immigration Office in Koh Samui
Immigration Office Koh Samui Map


Relax! It can be a breeze if you follow our advice

Let’s face it, no one goes to immigration in Thailand unless is absolutely imperative. There are better places to spend your time on the island. This is a small inconvenience to extend your stay in Thailand! For those getting a Tourist Visa Extension, the process should be a straight forward so we recommend to discard overstaying in Thailand.

Fear not! Follow our suggestions and you will be in & out with your passport visa sorted!

  • Get to the Samui Immigration Office before it gets busy
  • Do your research on Thailand Immigration rules
  • Get your paper work ready in advance
  • Be patient and courteous with the immigration officials
  • Dress appropriately

The new Immigration Office Koh Samui opened in 2016 and it is in Maenam. It replaces the old Immigration Office located in Nathon.

The new building is substantially bigger, with air conditioning, comfortable chairs and has relevant services onsite like photography and copy machine room, a lawyer and Visa Arrangement Services (HD Visa Samui) on site.

There is as well a convenient coffee place to relax while you wait for your paperwork!

Koh Samui Immigration Office Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 8:30am–12pm, 1pm–4:30pm


Your paperwork in two steps

1- Reception

For most of the common paperwork arrangements at the immigration office:

  • Get to the first floor
  • Head to reception
  • Present your application forms
  • Submit your passport and pay your fees

An then wait for your visa and passport

2- Collection

Immigration Officials will call your number to give your documents back while you wait on sitting on the waiting area.

If waiting time is longer than 30 minutes, you can relax at the coffee place.

Depending on the application you may have to come back to collect your passport next day


Our tips & suggestions

Koh Samui Immigration Office

Be ready

Make sure your understand Thailand Immigration rules and the application you are submitting in detail. Bring your visa application, passport, taxes and supporting documents ready!
There is a facility where you can get photos done and printed, and a photocopy machine in case you need to make copies.
If you have questions or any difficulty there is a lawyer office and a visa arrangement company on site. They organise visa runs and can help you preparing your paperwork and application is.

Coffee Place at Immigration Office Koh Samui

When to go?

Either if you are applying for a tourist visa extension or renewing your visa, don't wait to the last day before your visa expires.
Best time to get to the Koh Samui Immigration Office is early in the morning. Have breakfast there, the coffee is decent! The earlier you get the better.
Consider they have lunch break at 12pm. If you get later than 10am and still need to prepare the application, you risk having to go and come back after lunch!

Royal Thai Immigration Police

Common sense

You are in an Immigration Office.
Thai Officials and Immigration Police are on duty. Be respectful and courteous.
Dress appropriately and behave accordingly to the occasion. While it is understandable you may be on holidays, don't do anything you wouldn't do in a public building in your own country. Believe us, we have seen everything... Just use your common sense.

Visa regulations in Thailand

Immigration rules, regulation and Visa requirements change frequently in Thailand. Make sure you are well informed before you head to the sort out your paperwork. Check the news about Visa Policy in Thailand here.

WARNING. We recommend to all visitors to refrain from overstaying in Thailand. If you overstay you will be fined before leaving the country and you may be temporarily banned for entering the Kingdom . If you are caught in Thailand with an expired visa, authorities can give your few headaches. Extending your Visa at the Immigration Office in Koh Samui should be a painless transactional process that should take less than 2 hours if you follow our advice. Do not overstay, is not worth the potential headaches! Sort out your passport and go back to enjoy your extended holiday with peace of mind.