Night Markets in Koh Samui

A guide to Koh Samui Markets

Top 6 Night Markets in Koh Samui

Koh Samui street markets are a popular tourist attraction in Thailand, but they are also an important part of Thai culture. They draw locals and tourists alike to explore unique items, tasty food and lively entertainment. You can find a night market in Koh Samui almost every day of the week. Whether you’re looking for a last-minute souvenir or an exciting new adventure, there’s no shortage of night markets in Koh Samui waiting to be explored.

Below, there is a selection of our 6 favorite Koh Samui night markets :

  • Fisherman´s Village Market in Bophut
  • Lamai Night Market in the Southeast of the island
  • Maenam Walking Street in the North
  • Choeng Mon Night Market located on the Northest tip of Samui
  • Chaweng Night Market on the East in busy Chaweng
  • Central Festival Market, next to the popular Chaweng shopping mall

These markets are the perfect excuse to visit different locations on the island.  You will get the chance to explore Koh Samui nightlife, try the local street food and buy some souvenirs. Each location has its own charming vibes and gives you an opportunity to meet and mix with Thai people and enjoy their local entertainment. If you travel with kids, night markets are a great choice for the evening because the streets are close to traffic. Local restaurants and bars remain open too, and the atmosphere is phenomenal.

Night Markets in Koh Samui are a great way to kick off the evening. Don’t miss them!


Tips for enjoying delicious food safely at Thai Markets

Watch the locals: chances are you will get something yummy at a good price, if a food stall has queues, or you find the nearby tables packed with locals. Safe bet it’s tried, tested, tasty. Go for it!

Trust your eyes: if it looks and smells yummy, it probably is. You will find some fruits and dishes you may have never seen before. Once you’ve sampled a bunch of harmless-looking dishes, you’ll probably have confidence to have a bite of something more daring.

If you want to play it safe, go for pad thai or mango sticky rice but, if you feel courageous enough, you may want to taste other local specialties like crocodile, scorpion, spider, grasshopper and worms. They say these taste like chicken!

Bring the fire brigade: it’s always good to have a cold beer or an iced coconut close by, just in case things get a little hotter than expected. 

Useful language when ordering food in Thailand: 

Not spicy – mai pet. A bit spicy – pet nit noi. Spicy – pet. Very spicy – pet pet.

Tips for buying souvenirs & Art at Thai Markets

Shop around: Take your time visiting a few stands, and asking for some prices before making your decision. There is a good chance you may find 2 or 3 stands selling the same or similar articles. Compare prices before buying.

Same same: beware of paying too much for poor quality imitations!

Expect to haggle: This is Thailand, and haggling at the markets is part of its “charm”. After a few days haggling, you will probably hate it, but if you don’t do it you risk paying 2 or 3 times the price. As a rule of thumb, slash the price in half if you think they are pitching too high and let the fun start.

Note: Be sensitive when negotiating Buddha images, Thais may find it offensive when haggling with religious items. 

Local artists: Many stands found at night markets in Koh Samui and other Thailand Night Markets sell similar stuff: the same souvenirs, carvings and clothes. But there are hidden gems to be found, made by local artists. Open your eyes and look for local artists for paintings, jewelry and other ornaments. 

Coconut is the local material used to make many of the ornaments. You will find plenty of beautiful and ingenious carvings made from coconut shells, including painted bowls, lamps, hangers, toys.

Main Street Markets in Koh Samui

Map Guide for the Local Markets