Koh Samui Prices


Is Koh Samui expensive?

It depends on what you compared Koh Samui with.

Being the highest end popular holiday destination in Thailand, prices are higher than other less touristic locations, or places focus on mass tourism. Prices of certain products can be slightly higher in Koh Samui due to extra transportation charges from the mainland, but nothing too noticeable.

Comparing Koh Samui to other popular holiday destinations in Europe, prices are substantially lower for most services. Haggling can be a factor to consider for tariffs and goods, from a taxi driver to a souvenir shop. Polish your negotiations skills!

Does Koh Samui fit my budget?

A destination for all budgets.

Koh Samui provides accommodation, services, activities and entertainment to fit all budgets.  Travellers can choose from budget hostel to a luxury accommodation, from street food to fine dining, from renting a moped to hiring a private luxury yacht. Visitors can go as far as they wish.

Koh Samui can deliver great budget to luxury holidays. Make sure you set the right expectations to your standards and Baht spending tolerance and you won’t be disappointed.

Is it expensive to fly to Koh Samui?

Flights to Koh Samui can be expensive, but there are many ways to get to the island.

The reason behind the higher flight prices than usual is that Bangkok Airways owns  and operates the International Samui Airport. Bangkok Airways built the  Airport in 1989, that today receives more than 1M travelers per year and is considered one of the most beautiful airports in the World.

Being privately owned, airport fees are set up for profit, not to boost the local economy. Flights to Koh Samui are more expensive than other destinations.

There are many alternatives to flying to Samui including train, bus, and ferry combinations to make travelling to Koh Samui more affordable

Is Koh Samui value for money?

Again, it depends on what you want to compare it with.

Once flight tickets are paid, Thailand offers value for money for services and products produced locally. Koh Samui is no exception. The island offers beaches, activities and events to be entertained for a long holiday. We have often visitors spending a month or more in Koh Samui coming back for more year after year. 

However, compering Koh Samui with other locations like Chiang Mai for example, Koh Samui is slightly more expensive. The island, a beautiful beach destination with many luxury resorts, is considered like a “Thai version of Saint Tropez” specially in Bophut and Chaweng Beach with many 5 stars resorts. Chaweng Noi and secluded areas are very popular with many top hotel brands like Four Seasons, Belmond, Ritz-Carlton, Melia, W, and luxury villas with private beach and infinity pool.

Around Lamai Beach the atmosphere is more laid back and affordable. If you are into SPA, you can expend on a Thai Massage anywhere between 300 Baht or 3000 Baht.

Are Koh Samui prices seasonal?

Prices in Koh Samui island go up during peak season

As with most popular holiday locations around the world, prices in Thailand fluctuate seasonally. Koh Samui is busier during holidays like Christmas and Chinese New Year, and locals tend to raise their prices. If you find you’re paying too much during peak seasons, shop around a little bit and see if you can get a better deal on a different period.

The best deals can be found during September, October and November when the island is less busy. Low seasons can be a great time to indulge yourself with some of the best SPAs in Southeast Asia or World famous yoga retreats, spending less baths than during higher seasons.