Get Ahead of the Game: Why pre booking Thailand Holidays is the Way to Go cover

Get Ahead of the Game: Why pre booking Thailand Holidays is the Way to Go

Thinking of Thailand? Dreaming of tropical beaches, spicy street food, and friendly smiles? Thailand is a top pick for holidaymakers worldwide, offering a mix of culture, fun, adventure, and relaxation. But wait a minute! Before you get carried away with thoughts of fresh coconuts on the beach, we have some planning to talk about.

The big question is: Should you book your holiday in Thailand now or wait until you're there? We get this question A LOT and our recommendation is a resounding: “YES, plan before arrival!” This is why at KohPlanner we make it easy for you. In KohPlanner you can create and manage your own Travel Plans, or use popular public Travel Plans. Register and start adding your favourite listings to your Travel Plans.

Additionally, we have vetted a list of online travel suppliers for you. Now you can compare and book Thailand holidays from start to finish with all key websites packed in one single place, from flights and hotels, to car rentals and activities… you’re welcome!

Now that we've dipped our toes in the water, let's dive deeper into pros and cons of pre-booking your Thai holiday.



1. Doing Your Homework Pays Off

With so much information and booking sites online, it can be a bit overwhelming to take on the planning task. This is why we put the best holiday booking sites covering Thailand in one place for you, to make it super easy to plan your trip from home. Booking ahead lets you check out hotels, compare car rental prices, look into different tours, and find the best things to do. This way, you can choose what you really want instead of relying on last-minute advice that might not be in your best interest.

2. Bag the Best Bargains

Prices in Thailand can change a lot because of things like the time of year, local events, and changes in the money market. But if you're smart, you can book your hotels, transportation, and activities at lower prices. Booking early can get you good deals, special offers, and better exchange rates. This means you'll have more money left over for fun extras like a relaxing massage or more tasty food!; “One more piña colada please….”

3. Grab the Best Stuff

Think about this: you arrive in Thailand after a long flight, but the only hotels left are not exactly five-star. Or maybe the only tour available is a crazy rush through loads of temples. You'll barely have time to blink! By booking in advance, you avoid all these let-downs. You can get the best places to stay, book the tours you really want, and make sure you get a spot at popular shows or events. You don’t want to fly to the other corner of the world to go surprise after surprise: “Wait a minute, are all these tailors part of the Bangkok tour?… No, I don’t need a new carpet, thanks”


4. Wave Goodbye to Language Mix-ups

Sure, lots of people speak English in Thailand's tourist spots, but language can still cause hiccups. When you pre-book online, it's easier to make sure everyone understands the details. Everything is black on white and on paper before commit. This means no nasty surprises about costs, dates, or what's included or not.

5. Smooth Out the Details

If you're planning a trip with lots of stops, or you're travelling in a big group, pre-booking is a lifesaver. It gives you time to fine-tune your plans and make sure everything fits together. It's much easier to enjoy your holiday when you know everything is sorted. Believe us, you don’t want to find yourself on a tuk tuk run to get to the train station to find out the 1st class sleeper tickets are gone, and it has to be a second class recliner for an 8-hour journey…

6. No Scam Jams

Thailand is usually safe for tourists. However, like many holiday hotspots, it has scams that target tourists who don't know better. Pre-booking with trusted companies gives you peace of mind that you won't be tricked and have your holiday spoiled.

7. Keep It Covered with Insurance

Many travel insurance companies offer better protection if you buy it well before your trip. This can include things like cancelling your trip or changing your plans because something unexpected happens. By booking ahead, you can relax on your holiday, knowing you're covered if things don't go as planned.

8. Stay Safe and Sound

Safety is a big plus point for pre-booking. When you plan ahead, you can choose trusted companies and avoid risky situations. It also means you have time to read up on local customs and rules, which can help keep you safe. By the way! Talking about safety, we recommend you add an Emergency Contact to your KohPlanner Account. (PRIVACY NOTE: We will only share your EMERGENCY CONTACT details with your hotel, your Embassy, the police or a hospital, if we are requested to do so.)

9. Kick Back and Enjoy!

Do you want to spend your precious vacation time in Thailand haggling over prices, looking for tours, or standing in line for tickets? With pre-booking, you can get straight to the good stuff as soon as you arrive. You can spend your time enjoying the sunset on the beach, exploring historic sites, or tucking into delicious street food.


Now that we've talked up pre-booking, let's look at the other side of the coin. Yes, there are potential downsides, but we've got the solutions to keep you on track.


1. Less Wiggle Room

The main reason people might not want to book ahead is that they want to be flexible. But you don't have to book every single thing. Book your accommodations, main travel, and key activities in advance, leaving some free time for unexpected adventures.

2. Oops, I Booked What?

There's a chance that you might book a dodgy hotel, overpriced car rental, or disappointing tour from home. But remember when we talked about doing your homework? By reading reviews, using trusted booking sites, and contacting Thai tourism boards, you can avoid these slip-ups. Again, disappointment can happen to anyone but use our vetted list of online suppliers to have more certainty.

3. Missing Out on Local Tips

Some people think that if you book on arrival, you'll get more local advice. That's true, in some cases but even if you book ahead, you can still get insider tips. In other cases, local advice might get you on that tour that pays more commission, not necessarily the one you can’t miss. Most hotel and tour operators are happy to give advice if you contact them. You can also use social media and of course us at KohPlanner, to connect with locals and other travellers.


There you go! That's our run-down on why pre-booking your Thai holiday is a good idea. The benefits of booking ahead—like doing good research, getting the best deals and choices, avoiding scams, and making the most of your holiday—are clear. So, start planning your dream vacation now. We'll see you on the beach!

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